Shop our picks for bargains on patio furniture and accessories for next spring and summer.

This week we feel like summer is really winding down and autumn is upon us but there are still quite a few weeks left of gathering aroung the firepit on the patio and toasting up some marshmallows for your S'mores. We like to do that long into winter, too, sitting out by the warm fire surrounded by snow. The weather outside is not "too frightful" for that! We know some of you live in regions of the country where it feels like summer all the time, anyway. What we're getting at is that now's the time to get your patio furniture and accessory supplies, because there is plenty to snap up at a bargain in end of season sales. Here are our picks:

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Sit around the warmth and make those S'mores  with this Legacy Heating Square gas firepit with durabel bronze finish now 20% off and just $239. The table lid converts the pit to a table, too, in case you're not in the mood for flames. Need a S'mores kit? These Blazin' Sticks S'mores sticks are 3-feet long for safety. We also like these two-pronged roasting sticks for hot dogs or marshmallows that extend to almost 3-feet. They're now at 42% off.

The Keter Rio 3-piece all weather outdoor patio garden set comes with two chair and a table for your drinks and snacks. Get that for 18% off right now at just $105.25.

Game day tailgating will be much more comfortable this fall if you're sitting in the Mac Sports Heavy Duty folding quad outdoor camp chair, complete with carrying case. It has two mesh cup holders and adjustable arm rest height feature. Right now it's under $41 at 20% off. 41%

We also love this Patio Sense deluxe Coconino wicker chair with plush lumbar supporting pillow is an elegant addition to any patio seating and the relaxed lines in the style are great for kicking back in the backyard or in the sunroom. Get it at $27% off right now.