Get a pack of travel hand sanitizers at 59% off to help combat back-to-school colds and flu.

Back-to-school means back to being around whole classrooms of kids with snotty sniffles. And what happens when those germs get on hands, then water fountains, then footballs or shared microscopes? Colds and flu happen.

Keep your kids' hands clean for their own health and that of their classmates with easy-to-use hand sanitizer they can clip onto backpacks or keep in their locker. Get an 8-pack of 1-ounce bottles with clips for just $9.85 and 59% off.  Use them on gym bags, keychains, diaper bags and well, anywhere you go. 

Hand santitizer has been shown to reduce sick days when used as part of a hand hygene program. When soap and water aren't readily available, hand sanitizers can help so have plenty on hand.