Asking for their picks on the best parlors in town could lead to some fun story ideas.

GateHouse News Service has produced a callout asking readers to send in their favorite flavors of ice cream and the best places to get a scoop in their town, in honor of June, National Dairy Month.

Story ideas you can spin off this include:

-- Creating a map in print and online of the area's best spots for ice cream. Addresses, prices and hours are always appreciated!

-- Charting your community's favorite flavors. An online poll can help you do this easily. Have the chocolate-lovers face off against the vanilla-backers: Best submission on why their choice is the tops wins them a free sundae from a local ice cream place.

-- Do you have dairy farmers in your community? Ice cream or dairy companies? Get to the heart of where our favorite summer treat comes from.

Be sure to run your callout prominently and consistently to remind readers to participate.

The news service will produce 48 reader callout ads this year in three sizes for print and a perfect online image, too.

If you have an interesting reader callout idea that you're doing in your newspaper or online, please let me know. I'll be happy to share it with our newspapers.