Check with your readers to see if they think the tougher teen driving laws adopted by some states are a good idea.

Many states are changing their teen driving laws to require dozens of hours behind the wheel before a teen can get a driver's license. Find out if your readers think that's a good idea with this week's poll question:

Do you think tougher driving requirements for teens to get licenses are a good idea?

Yes, it will make the roads safer.

All of the hours behind the wheel won't do any good because they are just immature. We should raise the driving age.

No, most kids are good enough drivers, and you shouldn't punish them just because of the few who aren't.

Run the poll on your website using the Zope poll if you're on the new template or if you aren't. Be sure to run the results in your newspaper along with your new poll question. Polls are a great way to involve readers and give them a chance to voice their opinions.

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