Do allergies seem especially bad in your area this season? Here are a few ideas for how to cover the story.

Red eyes. Runny nose. Hey, this cold doesn't seem to be going away.

This year, seasonal allergies seem particularly bad, and they're even affecting folks who have never had allergies before.

Metrowest Daily News posted a story about season allergies on its website today about some signs that this allergy season might be worse than normal.

Pharmacies are reporting a higher demand for allergy medications.

How this year's weather -- lots of rain, then intense heat -- has made the conditions right for a high pollen count.

What doctors are reporting anecdotally.

Here are some ideas for you to do this story locally:

SCIENCE OF ALLERGIES: Speak to scientists and meteorologists in your area to see if they agree that this is season is more allergy-prone than ever. Also, check out the pollen counter on the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology.

DO A POLL: On your website, ask your readers if they've experienced more severe allergies this year or if they are first-time allergy sufferers.

TALK TO PHARMACIES, DOCS: Check with the medical establishment to see if they've treated more patients with meds.

ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS: Find out what's available apart from over the counter or prescription medicines -- do they really work? You can ask readers for their remedies in a callout.

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