The Rockford Register Star's poster front of a celebrating Green Bay Packer is tops for the month of January.

The Rockford Register Star's poster front of a celebrating Green Bay Packer is tops for the month of January.

Opportunitiets to go with a poster page such as this one are seldom, as typical news stories in any given week aren't as big as this somewhat local NFC championship game between the Packers and the Chicago Bears, arguably the longest-running rivalry in the NFL.

Adam McHugh, the designer of this fantastic page, shares his thoughts on how this page was produced:

- - - - -

As a Bears fan, this page was as hard for me to lay out as it was for you to pick it as page of the month.

Me, Chris (Soprych, AME) and ME Doug Gass decided late that week to do a poster front for Monday, Jan. 24, to finish off the wealth of coverage we had done the week leading up to the Bears-Packers game. We did a 28-page preview section on Sunday as well as tons of stuff through the week, so we wanted to make sure we didn't underplay the game itself.

The front was part of a 4-page, A-section wrap. The inside was a photo-driven doubletruck with a back-page ad. I wanted to keep the cover simple. Find a great photo, keep the text to a minimum and try to come up with a headline that pretty much said it all.

When going through photos from our photographer, Scott Morgan, and The Associated Press, I kept coming back to a photo not of B.J. Raji, who made the game-defining interception return, but to one of his teammates who was jumping for joy on the sideline.

I knew I would have to sell it as a choice, as many editors wanted some photo of Raji as the main image. But to me, none of the photos had that pop and expressed the sheer emotion of that moment. Once I had the photo on the page and put the headline on it, it was a pretty easy sell.

As for the headline, originally I had it in all white, as I'm not a huge fan of colored headlines. But the "GREEN" in "GREEN PARTY" was getting lost because a cameraman behind the player (who also was in white) was wearing white. So I mixed a new color to match Packers green, and it ended up not just solving that problem, but worked on different levels.

I'm sure the page was popular with about 50 percent of our readership. The other 50 percent? Not so much.

- - - - -

Thanks for your comments, Adam, and keep up the fine work!

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